Doggo + Floof Portraits*

A pIcture of Founder Hope with her Whippet Roxy Roo

Pet Portraits

Growing up, I had four cats, then three cats and a dog, and now just a dog, our Whippet Roxy Roo. To me, a house never feels like a home when you take floofs + boops out of the equation, which is why I know when people invest in a Bespoke Pet Portrait, it needs to make their personality shine through!

I like to describe my pieces as realism, but with a sassy twist. I use line and texture to make it really come alive, but the foundations are 100% your dog, cat, horse, hedgehog, goat etc. (Seriously if you have a goat, I’d love to draw it! Goats are my all-time fave and if I had the money and space for one, by heck you bet I’d have one – or trip of goats, aka the word for a group of goats that I just found out about on Google) *Not limited to dog + cat portraits! More than happy to do horses, farm animals, birds etc. 

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