A Little Bit of Hope is a one-woman-band with the intention of bringing sunshine to your day. Picture 20-something-year-old with curly-whirley hair, working morning, noon and night to bring you Bold Art Prints, Bespoke Pet Portaits, Wedding Stationery + More!

A white print with a burger in the centre, which has the phrase "you hamburgled my heart" on the bun. The bun is bright pink, and there are 80s shapes in other vivid colours beneath the burger (yellow, pink turquoise and lilac)
Art Prints
Bespoke wedding stationery featuring the bride-to-be's wedding bouquet, the church they are getting married in, and the details.
Bespoke Wedding Stationery
A digitally drawn Black Labrador with Blue hues to its coat
Pet Portraits
A natural coloured Organic tote with long handles, featuring TV Series' Fleabag drinking a cup of tea looking straight at the viewer. The quote reads "I sometimes worry that I wouldn't be such a feminist if I had bigger tits", and is in a typewriter style font.
Tote Bags
A peach coloured card with a gin glass in the centre, which has the phrase "Forgive me for I have ginned" on the glass. The gin is pink, the writing is bright pink, and there is a sprig of fennel alongside a slice of pink grapefruit as a garnish. The outline of the glass is bottle green.
Greeting Cards

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