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A little bit about Hope

If I could sum myself up as concisely as possible (which probably is still quite waffley – but waffles are great, right?) it would be a concoction of cuddly animals, an oat latte accompanied by a walk in muddy boots, charity shop and Vinted nosing, video gaming, cake and Escape to the Country with Nan, all topped off with a massive dollop of colourful, creative goodness, and curly brown hair!

I left sixth form in 2015 determined to become a journalist, and after achieving a first in Magazine Journalism BA (hons) at Solent University in 2018, I couldn’t have felt more lost. I hopped from part-time marketing jobs, to being a postie for 2 weeks, to being a teaching assistant for 2 days, and every job I left made me feel more in a muddle.

I get to juggle my part-time job as a community assistant with illustrating and writing books, which is my ultimate life goal so here’s to many more picture books!

My gorgeous Grandparents

Shout out to any fellow kids who have been/are being raised by their Grandparents, you are lucky boogers – just like me! 

I was born in Surrey, Chertsey, and after a year or so we moved down to Middleton-on-Sea, which has a glorious beach and the BEST chippy and Chinese takeaways. We originally had four cats, which makes my flat with my better half seem pretty empty due to a severe lack of four-pawed-friends.

They live just down the road from me (a 5 minute drive, or 30 minute walk when the weather is feeling kind) and we go for “breakfast” every Friday (Grandad has brekky, me and Nan have a coffee).

My doggy muse

Roxy Roo the Whippet

Our late family whippet, Rox, was the first dog I used for reference for my art prints. She was the most gentle soul you would ever meet, loved bananas and Nan, danced when she saw squirrels, had the best-smelling ears and was a pro at giving side-eye. She was here for over half my life so far, and I feel so blooming grateful to have been here for the whole of hers – big love to anyone who has lost a pupper, they touch our hearts so very deeply.

A Whippet called Rox
Hope - Reading new book to children.

What does my week look like?

You'll find me...

Amongst juggling life and my part-time job, I’m mostly seen in our office doodling away, whether that’s for my next book (it has a cat in it, but shh, that’s top secret!) or an art print. When my book first came out I went down to the best gelato palour on the South Coast (aka the wonderful Pinks Parlour) for a story time, which filled my heart with so much joy – so if you want me to come and do a story time where you work – I’m also happy to come and speak at schools about my journey as an illustrator and author, please just let me know!