5 Books to Help You Raise Open-Minded Kids

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A picture of Hope Bullen's Children's Picture Book, We are sunshine, rainbows and all the inbetweens - the front cover has illustrated dogs in the format of a rainbow.

As adults, we have a job to collectively nurture pint-sized humans to grow into compassionate, open-minded superstars. And lucky for us, children’s books are here to help light the way!

Let’s dive into these 5 tales that’ll have your kiddos cheering for diversity and inclusion in no time:

First up –

  • Todd Parr’s It’s Okay to Be Different is a vibrant hug in book form. Readers of all ages need to hear his message: embrace what makes you unique! Don’t change for anyone and be your fabulous self, because, at the end of the day, there’s only one you.

  • Can you imagine being arrested for wearing your fave pair of trousers? Me neither, but back in the late 1800s Mary Edward Walker was for just that! In Mary Wears What She Wants, inspired by the real-life Doctor, Mary said “No way!” to skirts and limiting gender stereotypes, inspiring your little ones to not be put in a box.

  • Pink is one of my favourite colours, a colour you’ll often find me wearing! Pink is for boys challenges the unfair boxes we put folks in, whilst tackling gender norms and reiterating that colours are genderless. Peek inside and you’ll think twice before judging, I guarantee!

  • Next on the list, we’ve got the small but mighty flower power of Chrysanthemum. A story about a mouse who is teased for her whimsical name, until her teacher shows the value in blooming as yourself. Kids will adore her journey and the illustrations are oh-so-wholesome as we follow her journey to empowerment (as a woman named who has grown up with the name Hope, I can’t empathise enough with name taunts!)

  • And last but not least, my very own We are Sunshine, Rainbows, and all the Inbetweens – that shines a light on how gloriously different we all are! From what we enjoy doing and who we call family, all the way to who we aspire to be when we grow up. This book aims to empower adults to raise lovely little humans who embrace and celebrate the differences between both themselves and the people around them, with lots of bright colours and dogs thrown in for good measure! (At the end of the book you’ll also find an assortment of activities to further unpack the themes should you want to).

There you have it, 5 stories to grow kind, caring and confident kids who know everyone has equal worth. Start implanting these open-minded attitudes early, and watch your tiny humans turn into compassionate giants!

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